Wednesday Meditation

We hold a Silent Mediation Group meeting each Wednesday at 10.00am.

You are welcome to try it for yourself.

Regular attenders say it is :-
“For the peace, having come”
“For the discipline of having a regular place and time”
“A sense of InterFaith community”
“An extra ‘worship’ day”
“Being introduced to new ideas and exploring them in discussion afterwards”
“No fixed path : no social pressure”
“Letting the mind settle : easier with other focussed beings than sitting alone”

Most people sit on chairs; meditation floor cushions are preferred by some people.

You are welcome to drop in : try to arrive by 9.55 a.m.

At 10.10, 10.30 and 10.50 a short phrase or verse is read aloud, to bring back wandering minds to meditation.

There is no charge. Informal discussion from 11 until 11.30 is optional.