Abrahamic Scriptural Texts

Inter Faith Marriage




Questioning God





Mary – Christian texts

Mary in the Qur’an

Mary Jewish Texts


Angels – Christian Texts

Angels – Muslim Texts

Angels Jewish Texts


Hospitality – Christian Texts

Hospitality – Jewish Texts

Hospitality – Muslim Texts

A Fair Wage

A Fair Wage- Christian Texts

A Fair Wage – Jewish Texts

A Fair Wage – Islamic Texts


Exodus Christian – Texts

Exodus Jewish – Texts

Exodus – Quran for SR

Adam and Eve

Adam and Eve Jewish texts

Adam and Eve Christian text

Adam and Eve – Muslim texts 

Idolatry and false gods

Idolatry and false gods- Jewish Texts

Idolatry and false gods – Muslim texts

Idolatry and false gods – Christian texts

Holy Spirit

Ruach HaKodesh Holy Spirit (Jewish Texts)

Holy Spirit – Muslim Texts

Holy Spirit Christian Texts

Sacred Space

Sacred Space – Christian Texts

Sacred Spaces: Quranic verses

Sacred Space Jewish texts


Forgiveness – Christian Texts

Forgiveness – Jewish Texts

Forgiveness – Muslim texts


Violence Jewish Texts

Violence Christian Texts

Violence – Muslim texts

Attitudes to the State

Attitude towards the State –  JewishTexts

Attitudes to the State – Christian Texts

Attitudes towards the  State – Muslim Texts

How Do we Discern The Will of God?

Discerning God’s Will – Jewish Texts

How do we discern the will of God – Christian texts

How do we discern the will of God – Muslim texts

How to Deal with Disagreement

Deaing with Disagreement – Jewish texts

Dealing with disagreement – Christian Texts

Dealing with disagreement – Muslim Texts

How to Interpret our texts (with a focus on slavery)

Interpretation and slavery – Jewish texts

Interpetation and slavery – Christian Texts

Interpretation and slavery – Muslim texts


Satan – Jewish Texts

Satan – Christian texts

Satan – Muslim texts

Freedom of Conscience

Freedom of Conscience Jewish Texts

Freedom of Conscience-Christian Texts

Freedom of conscience-Muslim Texts


Healing Jewish Texts

Healing Christian Texts

Healing – Muslim Texts


Prayer Jewish Texts

What is Prayer-Christian Texts

What is prayer-Muslim Texts


Purity Jewish Texts

Purity – Christian Texts

Purity – Muslim Texts

Foundational Texts

Jewish Identity in 3 Texts

Christian Foundational Texts

Islam-Foundational Texts

Communicating with God

Human Communication with God – Jewish Texts

Human Capacity to Communicate with God – Christian Texts

Human Capacity to Communicate with God-Muslim Texts

God Language

Language of Divinity in Jewish Tradition

God Language and concepts Christian Texts

God language and concepts Muslim Texts