2014 Conference on Shared Space

Our Conference on Shared Space looked at some of the issues raised in planning and using a worship space for more than one world faith. This is the context today for many chaplaincies at university, in hospitals and at airports.

Our speakers were Chris Hewson from the University of Manchester, who was involved in a three year research project on the architectural design and use of multi faith spaces, Rev’d Dr James Walters, Chaplain at London School of Economics, and Rev’d John Mackerness, URC Chaplain at Heathrow Airport.

John focused on some of the pitfalls, whilst Jim provided a very upbeat presentation on the new multifaith chaplaincy at LSE. Chris talked about the research project at Manchester University, Multi-Faith Spaces – Symptoms and Agents of Religious and Social Change, with lots of examples from all over the world.

If you would like a copy of the presentations, please contact Laurence Hillel at laurence.hillel@londoninterfaith.org.uk.