London Inter Faith Centre is a Christian centre which seeks to engage with the reality of individuals and communities  “Living Together in a Multi Faith Society”.  Our motto is “True to self and open to others”. We aim, by means of talks and courses, the study of scripture, a well stocked library and a website, to resource Christians and others who encounter people of different faiths in their places of work and in their places of abode. We endeavour to respond to some of the challenges thrown up by our multi faith society through silent prayer and meditation, through meeting with individuals and communities from different faith (and ideological) backgrounds, and through the sharing of stories.  We work side by side with other faith communities in tackling some of the social issues of our day.

Opened in 1998, London Inter Faith Centre  is a shared project of two church communities, the Church of England Parish Church of St Anne’s, Brondesbury  and St Andrew’s United Reformed Church, West Kilburn