London Inter Faith Centre seeks to build links between schools of faith and non-faith background.  It has built links with local primary schools and in the last three years it has organised a children’s literature and storytelling conference involving local primary schools, from Muslim, Jewish, Christian and non faith background.   Antony Lishak, children’s author and Jumana Moon, storyteller, have presented workshops for more than 200 Year 3 children.

Several London Faith Schools Senior schools conferences have been organised, including some with the collaboration of  Al Khoie Community Centre, with students present from a range of world faiths including Jewish, Muslim, Christian and Hindu.

In past years local secondary school children have been involved in projects exploring the history of Queens Park, the history of religious communities in the area, and the theme of Forgiveness, linking with the Forgiveness project

We also produce resources to help Christian schools and Christian communities practically to organise visits to other places of worship, and to invite other faith groups to their schools.  If you are interested please follow these links: School Visits Festivals