Living Together in our Multi Faith World: Syllabus


Module 1 Experiencing Other Faiths

Module 2 Understanding Other Faiths

Module 3 Approaching Other Faiths

Module 4 Engaging with Other Faiths

Module 5 Exploring the UK Context

Module 6 Reflecting on our Engagement

Module 1:  Experiencing Other Faiths

  • Mapping Hinduism (with visit to Hindu Temple)
  • Mapping Judaism (with visit to a synagogue)
  • Mapping Islam (with visit to a Mosque)
  • Mapping Sikhism (with visit to a Gurdwara)
  • Mapping Buddhism (with visit to a Buddhist temple)

Module 2: Understanding Other Faiths     including sessions on Bahai, Zorastrians, Jains and Brahmo Kumaris

  • Founders, Prophets and Saints
  • Scripture
  • Ritual and worship
  • Festivals
  • Leadership
  • Nurture and Initiation

Module 3:   Approaching Other Faiths


  • The uniqueness and universality of Christ
  • The parting of the ways: Jewish Christian relations
  • Trinity and Creeds
  • History of Christian Mission
  • Christian inter faith movement




Module 4 :  Engaging with Other Faiths

  • Scripture and Scriptural Reasoning
  • Side by Side
  • Cultural Questions (dress/food/gender)
  • Sharing stories
  • Conflict Resolution
  • Forgiveness Project
  • Theological Forums
  • National Organisations

Module  5:  Exploring the UK context

  • Fundamentalism
  • Politicisation of religion
  • Faith in the public square and the Law
  • Ethics
  • Government and Religion
  • Culture and Education
  • New Religions
  • Religion and Spirituality
  • Future of religion in the UK

Module 6:   Reflecting on Our Engagement

  • Presentation of dialogue assignments
  • Issues Arising
  • Filling The Gaps