We provide courses which aim at facilitating participants to learn more about and to practically engage with the multi faith landscape of the UK

We are currently running a modular Certificate Course, “Living Together in a Multi Faith World”  and we also offer  a one year Practical Inter Faith Course.  We run seminars, day courses and a book group,  all backed up by a well stocked library.  We also offer the opportunities to meet people of other faiths through shared storytelling, the shared study of sacred texts,  inter faith walks, and an annual music evening .

Our Current programme include:

  • Living Together in a Multi Faith World
  • A Sunday series of talks on Global religious issues
  • An Abrahamic Texts Group, meeting six times in the year and circulating between the London Inter Faith Centre, The Al Khoei Foundation and the West Central London Liberal Synagogue.
  • Texts to Live By, a multi-faith text study group meeting six Sundays in a year.
  • A Book Group meeting six times a year
  • A new series exploring meditation in different religions