Useful Books, Articles and Websites on Islam

Website Resources  (The BBC) (A useful and in depth American resource)   (Understanding Islam and Christian-Muslim Relations:

A host of videos and written resources freely available by a respected expert in the field) (A very important initiative in Muslim Christian engagement) (A website developed by an English convert to Islam, Mehmood Naqshbandi, which Innes Bowen states is the most valuable dataset on Islam in the UK after the census.  It contains details of mosques in an area, the identity of the teaching, the ethnic grouping, the location and contact details as well as a survey of Islam for non-Muslims.)


John L. Exposito What Everyone needs to know about Islam (2nd edition 2011)

Malise Ruthwen Islam, A Very Short Introduction (2nd Edition 2012)

Sophie Gilliat-Ray  Islam  in Linda Woodhead and Rebecca Cato (eds)  Religion and Change in Modern Britain (pp 110-120, 2012)

Innes Bowen  Medina in Birmingham, Najaf in Brent Inside British Islam (2014)