Mitzvah Day

The Sunday following Inter Faith Week is Mitzvah Day, when Jewish people join together to do acts of service for the community. This year at London Inter Faith Centre, rabbis and congregants from several synagogues came together with Muslims from the Al Khoei Foundation at the Qalam mosque, with Brahma Kumaris, with Christians from St Anne’s and St Andrew’s and with volunteers from Salusbury World Refugee Centre for a noisy afternoon of wrapping presents for Salusbury World’s children to have at their upcoming Christmas party.

Good quality books and toys had been donated by all of the above. Sarah Reynold of Salusbury World said how much the families appreciated books that were good to read and in good physical condition. There was also a fair sprinkling of donated bikes and scooters for the After School club.

Thanks to Daniela Pears for enthusiastic preparation of a convivial and useful event!