Putting the ‘friend’ back into ‘critical friend’; A reflection on a recent joint Jewish Christian visit to Israel Palestine by Maggie Hindley

Putting the ‘friend’ back into ‘critical friend’ As the time drew near for my visit to Israel Palestine last month, I was aware of an immense sense of privilege combined with a worrying burden of responsibility. This was a trip organised by the Council of Christians and Jews for 16 Jewish and Christian leaders together […]

Lent and Christian Ethics: a talk given at Abrar House

Our talk today is premised on concern that the values which seem to dominate our world, namely materialism. consumerism, utilitarianism, individualism and opportunism are taking us away from what should be our true focus in life, namely how we place God first and also how we treat our neighbour. As a religious leader living in […]

Why Inter Faith (A UK perspective)

We all do Inter Faith! – the world we live in When was the last time you spoke to a person of another faith? And what did you talk to them about? Just about all of us, and especially those of us who live in London or other cities, meet people of non-Christian faith every […]

A reflection on the Shoah after events in Paris November 2015

To begin today with a short reflection on the terrible events on Friday night in Paris, though words are often inadequate to express our sense of shock and sadness. We were collectively shaken by the news of such horrific violence so near our shores; That was demonstrated by the Twitter feeds on Saturday morning. Some […]