Welcome to London Inter Faith Centre. We are a Christian hosted centre working with people of all faiths and none. 

Our website is here to inform about our activities and to advertise our events, as well as to provide resources to help those engaged in interfaith work.  For a summary of what we do look at our annual report.

We have recently begun a column on our front page carrying Christian reflections on inter faith and current events.  

Citizens Action

For ten days beginning on the 8th February 2016 we are running a programme of Events “Exploring Forgiveness” as we host the acclaimed exhibition of stories and images at the Centre from “The Forgiveness Project”.  Details may be found here

We have several upcoming talks; please look at our events page.  On Sunday February 21st at 6.00pm, Michael Redman is speaking on the theme of  ‘Yoga – an Interreligious Resource?’ Should non-Hindu religions encourage it?’.  On Monday February 22nd at 7.30pm, Elizabeth Harris is speaking on the theme of ‘Dual Religious Identity?’

Upcoming in May is a new monthly series exploring different techniques of meditation and the issue of what is shared between the meditation practices of different religions.  For details follow this link.

New resources are available to help guide schools and church groups in inter faith encounters.  Look for these under our Best Practices Heading.  We also have a new Schools page.