Welcome to London Inter Faith Centre. We are a Christian centre working with people of all faiths and none.
We are launching a new modular, six term course in January 2015 “Living Together in a Multi Faith World”.  It is designed to suit anyone who has an interest  in or is involved in Inter Faith Work, and aims to give a grounding and understanding to support such work.  The first three modules focus on building up knowledge and understanding of the six main world faiths, the following three on engagement with other faiths in the UK context.  The focus of the work set will be on encouraging engagement  with the multi faith environment we live and work in.  It is possible to sign up for the whole course or a module at a time.  Those who complete the six modules will be awarded a Certificate in Inter Faith Relations  For more details please follow this link


If you are interested in reading Dr Marcus Braybrooke’s recent talk at the London Inter Faith Centre “From interfaith to interspirituality”, please follow this link